Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Cupid has been hard at work and Valentine’s Day has rolled around once again!


In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared February 14 as the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. Ever since then, it has been a day to celerate love and passion. What better way to express that love than through the medium or artful alcohol?


At Bar4Hire we provide the bars, the mixers, and the mixologists. Today we’re providing the recipe for love…ly cocktails! We’ve divided our selection by starter, main course, and dessert – one for each course, or alternatively, one for each stage in a relationship: starting out, going strong, or soulmakes for life. All of our recipes serve 2, so no excuses!


Give them a go and let us know how you get on!



For our starter, we’re going to let Mamrie Hart of You Deserve a Drink get us going!
Her Heart Beetroot cocktail is a great ice-breaker ¬– and there she also has plenty of jokes to keep you going throughout the cocktail-making process! (Warning: it’s not for the faint of heart!)



Here’s her recipe:
• Peel and chop up one large beetroot
• Simmer on low with one cup of sugar and one cup of water and a dozen mint leaves for about 15 minutes….
• Pour a few spoonfuls into a flute glass
• Top with bubbly
• Use the chopped up, now candied, beetroots as a garnish.



Okay, we’re breaking the rules a little here – but isn’t Valentine’s Day all about the chocolate?
Here’s how to make a Death By Chocolate – a simple spiced rum and chocolate cocktail. Make it for dessert or skip the awkward dinner and get in there a little early!

• 100 ml spiced rum
• 100 ml chocolate milk
• 25 ml Chambord


• Simply pour everything into a cocktail shaker and shake it up!
• Serve with a straw


Amarula and Eve: This name recells the first residents of the Garden of Eden, as well as the root of the word Eden, which is related to an Aramaic root word meaning “fruitful, well-watered.”
This one is fruity and perfect to serve as dessert or simply as a delicious mood-setting sweetener for St Valentine’s.

• 40ml Amarula Cream 1/2 oz Citrus vodka
• 70ml Lychee juice
• 20ml ruby red Grapefruit juice
• Lychee fruit for garnish


How to prepare:
• Throw all of your spirits and mixer into a shaker glass filled with ice.
• Shake vigorously then strain into a coup glass.
• Garnish with lychee fruit.