Bar Equipment and Glassware Hire

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We carry stock of all equipment needed for drinks dispense so weather its cocktail shakers and ice buckets, under counter fridges, tills,  full draught beer dispense or bar units we are happy to dry hire it to you. Alternatively you can let us know what you are serving and we can advise on what equipment or size bar is needed.


Ensuring you have enough glassware for your party or event just got easier with our Glass and Glassware Hire service.


You always need more glasses than you expect; with guests changing drinks and misplacing glasses and your catering team struggling to keep up with washing them you’ll get through them quicker than you realise. At the end of the evening you’re then faced with the huge job of gathering them up and wash them all.


Let the Bar4Hire Glass and Glassware Hire Service take all of the stress out of ensuring your party or function is well supplied. We’ll not only ensure that you have plenty of glasses on hand to cater for everyone at the event, we’ll even do the washing up for you afterwards!


With Bar4Hire, you hire clean and return dirty, so at the end of the evening you don’t need to worry about rolling up your sleeves and getting out the marigolds, just return them to us dirty and we’ll clean them for no additional charge.


We stock a wide range of glasses, including Highballs, Wine glasses, Champagne Glasses and Cocktail Glasses as well as a wide range of other equipment and glassware including jugs and glass bottles. If we don’t list what you want here, just ask!



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